Fire safety where you live - sixth annual conference, January 19-21, 1981


Fire safety where you live - sixth annual conference, January 19-21, 1981


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In the next hour,. while you are reading and responding to this conference announcement, one American will likely die and three others will be injured as a result of violent fires in homes across our Nation. Our conference, therefore, will be a three-day action and solution-oriented symposium for the fire service, allied professionals, and decision-makers from states, municipalities and supporting organizations. The conference sessions will be structured around four strategies for attacking the residential fire problem - technological, managerial, behavioral and environmental.

Of an estimated 8,400 people who are killed by fires in the United States each year, approximately three-fourths die from fires in their own homes. Another 22,000 citizens are injured in. residential fires annually, while mare than two billion dollars in property is destroyed. For firefighters too, the statistics are frightening. About 47% of firefighter deaths at the fireground occur in residential fires and 55% of all firefighter injuries occur while fighting these fires. And, to make matters worse, present trends indicate that this tragic pattern probably will continue well into the 1980's.
Something must -- and will -- be done to reverse this trend.
The U.S. Fire Administration's Sixth Annual Conference, "Fire Safety Where You Live," represents a step in the right direction.
At this conference, we will present, describe and demonstrate a series of proven strategies for reducing and controlling residential fire loss. The remainder of this brochure outlines the general agenda for the conference.


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US Fire Administrator




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