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The Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities Workshop has been developed by the Montgomery
County, Maryland Department ofFire and Rescue Services to train health care employees how
to react to an emergency conditions. We encourage you to adapt this…



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Presentation by Dr. William H. Gates at the 6th Annual Seminar of the American Civil Defense Association and Doctors for Defense Preparedness held in Arlington, VA, September 30-October 1, 1983. Length - 28:00 minutes

Facts and preparedness tips on how to keep your home fire safe during the holidays.

Facts and tips on how to prevent candle fires and information on educating children about the dangers of matches and fire.

Facts and tips on how to avoid common burn hazards encountered in the home during the winter months such as loose-fitting outer garments catching fire, candles, gas fireplaces and burns from treadmills.
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