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Fully Involved March 1980.pdf
Table of contents:
1. Home fire protection- fire sprinkler system
2. Sprinklers in industry
3. Sprinklers in home
4. Sprinklers the solution
5. What are home fire sprinkler systems
6. Advantages of newly designed home fire sprinkler systems

3. Fire Safety Act

The strengthening of the Flammable Fabrics Act should be one early step in a major national effort to reduce our shameful loss of life and property resulting from fires. In 1965, some 12,000 lives and $1.75 billion worth of…

Letter concerning work accomplished in year since the publication of the 1947 Truman Conference report

May 6, 1947

Ladies and gentlemen:

It is a pleasure for me to have the privilege to come over here and discuss with you this morning some things in which I am intensely interested.

The Nation has been shocked by a long series of spectacular…

For more than a decade the loss of property in the United States due to fires has been steadily mounting year by year. During this period an average of 10,000 persons have been burned to death or have died of burns annually. In the first nine…

Conference Program - Washington, D.C.
May 6,7, and 8th, 1947

Table of Contents

Tuesday Morning Session, May 6, 1947.
Invocation by the Right Reverend Monsignor John J. Russell 1

Address of Welcome by Hon. Russell Young 3

Address by the President of the United States 4

Remarks by…

Wednesday Afternoon Session - This afternoon we will take up another aspect of fire protection. In other words, we will get right down to cases with the man whose job it is to put out the fires which the rest of us carelessly start.



Administration, Personnel, and Equipment 1
Fire Prevention by the Fire Department 10
Firemen’s Training 16
Farm and Rural Firefighting Services 23
Forest Fire Services 27
Volunteer Fire…

Faced with a rising fire loss that has been moving relentlessly upward since 1934, this Conference is exploring all the possible solutions to this staggering national problem. In spite of the intense efforts being exerted by all agencies, it appears…
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