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A web exhibit developed by UNCA staff and based on a paper written by Barbara Berry, an employee of the Asheville Fire Department about the history of the Asheville Fire Department.

,Joe Cestone interviewed by Mike Kurilla. Transcript of interview taped on July 25, 1975. Tape length 40 minutes. 14 pages.

A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

Statistics show a property loss that has been rising steadily since 1934, with a peak in 1946, and an annual toll over that period of thousands of deaths from fire.

Certainly the failure to reduce the number of, and total damage from, fires cannot…

Wednesday Afternoon Session - This afternoon we will take up another aspect of fire protection. In other words, we will get right down to cases with the man whose job it is to put out the fires which the rest of us carelessly start.



Administration, Personnel, and Equipment 1
Fire Prevention by the Fire Department 10
Firemen’s Training 16
Farm and Rural Firefighting Services 23
Forest Fire Services 27
Volunteer Fire…

Faced with a rising fire loss that has been moving relentlessly upward since 1934, this Conference is exploring all the possible solutions to this staggering national problem. In spite of the intense efforts being exerted by all agencies, it appears…

1. Bibliography
2. Human Behavior
3. Fires on shipboard
4. Aviation
5. Industrial Research
6. Firefighting (Extinguishing) Equipment
7. Forest, Brush, and Wild-Land Fires
8. Mine Fire Prevention

Functions of the Committee on Organized Public Support. – The statement of objectives itself definitely outlines the purpose and functions of the Committee on Organized Public Support. The major emphasis, in all publicity and promotion in connection…

1. Introductory Statement
2. Model Building Codes and Standards
3. Use of Model Codes and Standards
4. Methods of Adoption of Model Codes and Standards
5. Application of New Fire Prevention Regulations to Existing Buildings
6. Statewide…
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