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Tom Klem, investigator with USFA, speaks about the technical assistance provided by USFA in investigating this incident.

Audio begins with the tape from a news broadcast. Then Fire Chief Roy Parrish, Incident Commander at the MGM Grand fire is introduced and gives his presentation.

4 separate segments covering FDNY firefighter training, emergency response, harbor conflagration and a ghrainery fire that took place in Chicago.

A first hand account of the initial firefighter response to the disaster at Chernobyl on 26 April 1986 as told by LTC Telyatnikov, chief of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant fire brigade. Presented at the Fourth Great American Firehouse Exposition…

Shows the efforts of 700 firefighters as they attempt to extinguish a large fire in Chelsea, MA on October 14th, 1973. This Defense Civil Preparedness Agency film documents the work of firemen from 69 surrounding communities as an example of the…

NFPA led the early efforts to establish fire prevention bureaus in departments around the country.


USFA hotel-motel fire safety brochure

Some 11 million Americans now live in mobile homes. Along with all the advantages of mobile home
living, such as economical home ownership and easy maintenance, there is one concern that
you should be aware of-FIRE.

Older adults are at greater risk.
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