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The objective of this report is to present a conceptual model of human behavior in fire.

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In view of the recent "Apollo" catastrophe it would be particularly 'apropos for members of the. fire protection profession to be well informed, concerning the general effects of combustion under high oxygen conditions. The, papers and reports in…

Get a smoke detector. There is no doubt smoke detectors save lives.

Ranges for estimated fire fatalities are developed for firestorms and group fires initiated by conventional weapons in German cities during World War II. Firestorms fatalities are estimated to vary between 4% and 20% of the population-at-hazard.…

To address the needs of the fire services and others
involved in fire prevention and control education and
, training, the NFPCA National Academy for Fire
Prevention and Control took a look at the current
status of fire-related education and…

1. Letter of Chairman Bland to Richard Nixon. 1 page
2. Letter from Michael Smith, Assistant to the President, in reply. 1 page

The Action Program adopted by the President’s Conference on Fire Prevention is recommended as a means of reducing fires which during the last decade have resulted in an estimated 10,000 deaths each year.

The fire toll has been rising since 1934. …

May 6, 1947

Ladies and gentlemen:

It is a pleasure for me to have the privilege to come over here and discuss with you this morning some things in which I am intensely interested.

The Nation has been shocked by a long series of spectacular…

Remarks prepared for presentation at the Washington Insurance Council's Second Arson Seminar, March 22nd, 1978
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