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The Smoke Detector Survey and Analysis Program for the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration was designed to accomplish five primary
objectives, namely:
1. Identify domestic manufacturers of residential smoke detectors, and tabulate…

NY State Fireman's Assoc. August 20 1975.pdf
Chairman Bland's speech provides a unique, concise overview of the fire problem in America and traces the evolution of thinking on the subject of fire prevention and control from the earliest days of the republic up to the present and in particular…

With this report, the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration (NFPCA) initiates its reporting on fire loss experience and analysis for the US Federal Government. Included in the appendix are the data for the years 1968-1973, thus making…

"I anticipated the Chairmanship of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control as a privilege and as an exciting experience. It has through these months become far more than that.. it is a total all-encompassing adventure. Of course, the…

Thanks the President for naming Albert Hole, California State Fire Marshal, to the Commission.

Memorandum for Mr. Ehrlichman. To develop strategy for the Presidential release of recommendations for the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control Interim Report of March 15, 1972

Transcript of a statement made by Chairman Richard E. Bland of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control over NBC radio network, October 20, 1971, concerning the loss of fifteen lives at the Geiger nursing home fire near Honesdale, PA.,…

Official Statement of President Nixon upon receiving the Commissions final report, America Burning

1. Memo for Mr. Dana Mead from David Parker
2. Memo for President's Files detailing the visit which took place on Thursday, July 12th, 1973 in the Oval Office. Chairman Bland, Vice-Chairman McClennan, Executive Director Howard Tipton in…
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