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200th anniversary booklet of the Friendship Fire Company, organized 1780-1980

Souvenir program from August 24th-26th, 1967

Commemorative booklet covering the period 1780-1955.

Includes significant extracts from minutes of annual meetings

The Fire Department of New York's radio dispatches from the morning and early afternoon of 9/11.

In the early history of the department we find the most
interesting facts. When "Somerville No. 1" — one of
the best Hunneman engines ever built — was in service it made history at almost every fire it attended, while the numerous challenge…

The fire brigade is our just pride,
They guard the safety of the town ;
Thro storm and tempest wild they ride
To beat the flaming demon down.
Tho' every step be hid in smoke,
No fear of death ere holds them back;
They laugh at danger as a…

This history could not have been wrilten but for the kindly aid rendered by some of our fellow citizens who have been at different times connected with our Fire Department. To all who have in anv wav contributed material for mv use I tender

The data from which this history is compiled has been carefully collected from authentic sources. From the Town and Town Council Records of Warren and from the Records of the various
local Fire Companies liberal extracts have been made. Much…
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