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Booklet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Avenel Fire Company No.1 of the Avenel section of Woodbridge Township, N.J.

Booklet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Iselin Fire Company No.1 of the Iselin section of Woodbridge Township, N.J.

Souvenir program from August 24th-26th, 1967

The data from which this history is compiled has been carefully collected from authentic sources. From the Town and Town Council Records of Warren and from the Records of the various
local Fire Companies liberal extracts have been made. Much…

On these pages you will access a wealth of information about our fire department through contemporary oral histories, written histories, photographs, newspaper accounts, video and motion picture footage... The web site is divided into three distinct…

A web exhibit developed by UNCA staff and based on a paper written by Barbara Berry, an employee of the Asheville Fire Department about the history of the Asheville Fire Department.

14 pages of text and photographs detailing actions of the Honolulu Fire Department during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor and other facilities. 3.4 mb file.

The Doc Roach Collection (MSS 71) consists mostly of photographs that reflect his long career with the Boise Fire Department. Doc was one of the few firemen who worked from the days of horse-drawn fire engines, witnessed the introduction of motorized…

This history has been compiled from every source of data obtainable and its contents can be accepted as reliable. It is published and offered for sale, the proceeds to be devoted to the "Firemans Relief Fund Association," the object of which is the…
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