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A web exhibit developed by UNCA staff and based on a paper written by Barbara Berry, an employee of the Asheville Fire Department about the history of the Asheville Fire Department.

,Joe Cestone interviewed by Mike Kurilla. Transcript of interview taped on July 25, 1975. Tape length 40 minutes. 14 pages.

Booklet to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Avenel Fire Company No.1 of the Avenel section of Woodbridge Township, N.J.

The data from which this history is compiled has been carefully collected from authentic sources. From the Town and Town Council Records of Warren and from the Records of the various
local Fire Companies liberal extracts have been made. Much…

14 pages of text and photographs detailing actions of the Honolulu Fire Department during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor and other facilities. 3.4 mb file.

Brooklyn. But little more than one hundred years after its settlement, a Volunteer Fire Company came into existence, and the evolution of the Fire Department from this primitive beginning to the perfected organism of to-day, has been coincident with…

Online exhibit of the San Diego Fire and Rescue Department. For more than 110 years, City of San Diego firefighters have kept a vigilant watch over their community. The Department's history is as rich and diverse as the area it serves.

The Steve B. Campbell Atlanta Fire Department photograph collection contains 100 black and white photographic prints covering the period 1882-1972. This collection is comprised of photographs of fire stations and personnel of the Atlanta Fire…

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