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Purposes, goals and current programs of the accident prevention division, Public Health Service, Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Topics included Mississippi County, Arkansas Fire Program.

Describes history and current programs of the two councils as well as explores ways in which the two councils might collaborate.

Mr. David Gratz, Chief of the Silver Spring Maryland Fire Department talked about the demands on the municipal fire services and attendant problems. Mr Ward Bush of Caterpillar Tractor Company discussed current trends and considerations in industrial…

The study gives an illustrated talk on the Missile Silo Fire at Little Rock, Arkansas. The report emphasizes the need in fire prevention to properly identify hazards involved in the use of materials and recognize inherently hazardous tasks; shows how…

A brief fire analysis which may be of interest to agencies in evaluating and/or improving their fire protection programs.

For the past four years the Federal Fire Council has issued kits to assist Federal agencies and personnel in carrying out the President's annual Proclamation on Fire Prevention Week... To better assist fire safety program managers, this "Fire…

One of the significant functions of the Federal Fire Council is to distribute information to its members -- and other interested personnel. Periodically, selected items will be issued on fire safety topics. It will be the purpose of this material to…

In the field of fire safety the improvement of automatic fire detecting, extinguishing and control equipment has progressed to a high level while there has been a decided lag in the area involving people. There exists a pressing need for the creation…

The Federal Fire Council has issued this document to help
in salvaging and restoring records damaged by fire or water. Although the repair of charred and burned records are discussed, emphasis is placed on the water damage aspects. Thus, the…

Staff program management as related to fire safety and the Council's fire safety reference library
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