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Federal fire brochures


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Some 11 million Americans now live in mobile homes. Along with all the advantages of mobile home
living, such as economical home ownership and easy maintenance, there is one concern that
you should be aware of-FIRE.

Get a smoke detector. There is no doubt smoke detectors save lives.

Fire service EMS: born of necessity
Highlights of the Rockville Report

What's inside this hot spots kit?
Brochure from the USFA Check your hot spots rural fire safety campaign

Home fire protection: fire sprinkler systems 1981
We protect our businesses from fire, but what about actions we take to protect our families, our homes and our possessions from fire?

Smoke detectors: don't stay home without one
Smoke detectors, when properly installed and
maintained provide warning when fires occur.

What you should know about smoke detectors
Each year in the United States, approximately 21
million people are injured and around 25,000
killed in home accidents. The majority of these
injuries and deaths are product related. The
current estimate of the annual cost of consumer

The medical management of victims of smoke and toxic gas inhalation
The evaluation and treatment of smoke inhalation victims presents a difficult diagnostic and therapeu
tic challenge to the emergency physician. An extremely complex mixture of particles, vapors and gases
smoke and toxic products of combustion…

Partnerships against fire: action pak
Intro: Partnerships against fire: the national community volunteer fire prevention program.
1. Teaming up
2. How to get started action map
3. Keeping track: program tracking and evaluation. Questionnaire to determine available resources, a…

Fire safety where you live - sixth annual conference, January 19-21, 1981
In the next hour,. while you are reading and responding to this conference announcement, one American will likely die and three others will be injured as a result of violent fires in homes across our Nation. Our conference, therefore, will be a…
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