Federal fire posters


Federal fire posters


Federal fire prevention, fire safety posters from the 1930s to present

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Clean up for fire prevention
Help the salvage drive

Feed fighters not fires
Fire Prevention Week Oct 3-9, 1943

Fires fight for the axis
Fire Prevention Week October 3-9, 1943

Great  ideas can really catch on
Kerosene heaters are becoming more popular but they can be dangerous if misused

The hearth is where the home was
House fires involving woodburning stoves have more than doubled in the past few years

People think that smoke detectors let them rest in peace. Sometimes they do.
Are there batteries in your smoke detector? Are they working?

Susie is about to get the scalding of a lifetime
Remember, anything hot can burn a child

Prevent fire! Save lives!
Older adults are at greater risk.
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