1947 Truman Conference


1947 Truman Conference


Official announcements, proceedings and committee reports from the President's Fire Prevention Conference of May 1947. Also some magazine articles from the period that are available online via Google Books

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Make up your mind to take this fire prevention pledge!
I resolve to:

Life magazine article from May 1948, page 139 with home fire safety messages

1948 Life Magazine article

At the concluding session of the President’s Conference on Fire Prevention held last may, the appointment of a Continuing Committee was authorized to implement the Action Program of the Conference, and this is the report of that Committee.

It will…

This brief pamphlet has been prepared as a guide to the establishment of an effective fire safety committee at the community level. It is confined to a discussion of organizational problems. Detailed information regarding the specific…

The Action Program adopted by the President’s Conference on Fire Prevention is recommended as a means of reducing fires which during the last decade have resulted in an estimated 10,000 deaths each year.

The fire toll has been rising since 1934. …

1. Introductory Statement
2. Model Building Codes and Standards
3. Use of Model Codes and Standards
4. Methods of Adoption of Model Codes and Standards
5. Application of New Fire Prevention Regulations to Existing Buildings
6. Statewide…

Functions of the Committee on Organized Public Support. – The statement of objectives itself definitely outlines the purpose and functions of the Committee on Organized Public Support. The major emphasis, in all publicity and promotion in connection…

1. Bibliography
2. Human Behavior
3. Fires on shipboard
4. Aviation
5. Industrial Research
6. Firefighting (Extinguishing) Equipment
7. Forest, Brush, and Wild-Land Fires
8. Mine Fire Prevention
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