Fireword Newsletter


Fireword Newsletter


Bulletins of the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration spanning roughly the period Dec 1976 - August 1978

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Fireword: a Bulletin from the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration - March 1976 Issue
Table of contents:
1. First NFPCA conference focuses an master planning
2. Project RIDFIRE foces on Home Fire Safety
3. NFPCA division heads appointed
4. Site selection board for fire academy chosen
5. Six conferences help Academy establish…

Table of contents:
1. NFPCA designs preliminary concept on state fire safety services.
2. NFPCA outlines model state organization
3. NBS studies mobile home fire safety

Table of contents
1. President's new agency plan includes NFPCA
2. Toxic thermal environments studied at real fires
3. Lighter, cheaper firefighter lamp tested in Boston
4. First two southern states join NFIRS
5. Before the congress: pending…

Table of contents
1. Fire academy begins interim course delivery
2. State and local input
3. The courses
4. Instructor development
5. Fire safe design
6. Course program managers, NFA (pictures)
7. Data collection
8. Course schedule
9. Board…

Table of contents
1. State government fire programs - part II
2. Assistance to States
3. Policy Development Assistance Program
4. Academy planning assistance program
5. National Fire Incident Reporting System
6. Public Education Assistance…

Table of contents:
1. The dynamics of fire prevention - conference agenda and information

Table of contents
1. State government fire programs
2. David Lucht editorial
3. Conference results - state focal points for fire prevention
4. Diagram - State fire marshal perception of "focal point"

Table of contents

1. Policy leadership in fire protection
2. Second national conference produces new fire prevention attitudes, programs

Table of contents.
1. And now here's Urban Master Planning
2. Master planning concept passes test with flying colors
3. Scheduled for fall '77 -master planning for wide open spaces
4. Readers exchange service
5. Before the congress - pending…

1. Third national conference scheduled for St. Louis
2. Rural West Virginia FD gets its start
3. A new "how to" on teaching fire safety now available
4. NFPA's "learn not to burn" saves lives
5.Tokyo's Fire department stresses fire prevention
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