Fully Involved Newsletter


Fully Involved Newsletter


Early USFA Newsletters spanning roughly the period 1979 - 1981

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Table of contents
1. Focus on codes
2. Symposium on high racked storage facilities
3. Academy releases new resident schedule
4. Diagnosing firefighter health and safety

Table of contents
1. Vickery's resignation accepted
2. Grease fire media kit: a proven success
3. NFA enrollment sharply increases
4. Preview statistics indicate fire deaths have lowered
5. 1981 NFA program available
6. Responding to the threat…

Table of contents
1. Final conference session to demonstrate practical solutions to the residential fire problem
2. Hotel fires spark fire safety initiatives
3. Washington update on self-extinguishing cigarette legislation
4. New federal…

Table of contents
1. Thanksgiving: no holiday from the threat of fire
2. 1980 Fire service EMS seminars rated highly
3. NFA announces cluster program schedule
4. USFA women in the fire service seminar to address federal initiatives and their…

Table of contents
1. Fire safety where you live: something for everyone
2. January-September NFA curriculum announced
3. Educating the public on wood stove safety: proven tool availalke

Table of contents
1. USFA unveils "Operation Dixieland"
2. San Francisco conference features "USFA Family Feud"
3. USFA offers how-to manual on building fire safety exhibits
4. Black and Decker warns of lawnmower fire hazard
5. New USFA program…

Table of contents
1. USFA's Sixth Annual Conference: Attacking the Residential Fire Problem
2. Western women in the fire service seminar marked by optimism
3. Inter-city exchange program proposed for fire service personnel
4. New USFA…

Table of contents
1. Thirteen departments selected to test new firefighter protective clothing
2. Sprinkler tests in mobile homes started in North Carolina
3. President Carter proclaims 5-11 October 1980 as Fire Prevention week
4. Stonebridge II…

Table of contents:
1. New ISO rating schedule causing concern
2. Oct-Dec NFA curriculum announced
3. Conferences aimed at women's role in fire service
4. Smoke detectors - good news, bad news
5. Information on fire safety for the handicapped…

Table of contents:
1. "Arson shield" - a new arson delivery package
2. EMS national report ready for distribution
3. Second profile of Academy students shows volunteer fire service participation almost doubled
4. "First responder" formally…
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