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Federal Fire Council


Creation and Authority.--The Federal Fire Council was organized in April 1930 as a result of federal concern for fire control. It was formally established by Executive Order 7397, of June 20, 1936, as an official advisory agency in matters relating to the protection of Federal employees and property from fire. By Executive Order 8194, dated July 6, 1939, the Council was placed under the jurisdiction of the Federal Works Agency.
On June 30, 1949, the Council was transferred to the General Services Administration and then to the Commerce Department by Executive Order 11654 of March 13, 1972. The Federal Fire Council's functions were later absorbed by the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration (NFPCA), which was created by the Federal Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1974 (88 Stat 1535, 15 U.S.C. 2201).

Purpose.--The Council was authorized to develop standards, procedures, and forms, and, on request, to conduct surveys or such other investigations as necessary to determine what measures should be taken to safeguard life and property from the hazards of fire, including review of plans for new construction. The Council also was authorized to make such independent studies of Federal buildings and property as it saw desirable from the standpoint of fire protection, and to maintain a record of fire losses on Government property.

Activities.--Reports of surveys and other committee actions were submitted for adoption at periodic meetings of the Council and were distributed to the membership, to the heads of bureaus and establishments, and to other interested Federal, State, and city officials. A manual covering the general subject of fire-loss prevention was issued by the Council, together with a fire report form and two types of self-inspection forms. The latter were intended for use within departments and establishments in connection with regular routine inspections.

The information on fire loss was used to determine principal fire causes, the general ratio of fire loss to the total of values subject to loss, and fire loss trends. During World War II a special Committee on Emergency Fire Defense issued a pamphlet giving detailed information on means of extinguishing incendiary bombs.

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