National Fire Prevention and Control Administration


National Fire Prevention and Control Administration


Documents and archival materials dating from the early years of the Fire Administration, 1975-1978, when it was still named the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration.

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This brochure is a description of programs developed by Cathy Lohr, public education specialist, Guilford County Fire Marshal's Office.

Testimony of Howard D. Tipton, Administrator, NFPCA, before the Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations Hearing.
"Mr. Chairman, I appreciate the opportunity to be here today to talk about the problem of arson in America and to support the…

Details the extent of the arson problem in the United States with statistics and trends. Calls for improved data collection, fire-setter counseling, insurance industry remedies and legislation.

Discusses his perspectives on the fire problem in the United States after three years of service as Deputy Administrator. Recommends four steps that his audience should take to mitigate these problems. Concludes with an announcement of the planned…

Talks about the need for improved opportunities in education and training of the fire service.

Address prepared by David Lucht for delivery before the annual meeting of the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards.

Asks how we go about achieving fire safety in buildings. Develop technical alternatives,generate model…

How the NFPCA and the Fire Research Center at NBS is specifically addressing the health and safety needs of firefighters thru its programs.

Provides an overview of the genesis of the NFPCA and the extent of its current programs. Talks about the role of state government in helping reduce the magnitude of the fire problem. Tasks the attendees to provide input to NFPCA programs and to…

An address given by David Lucht to the Fire Marshals Association of North America.

" I must say that in recent years I have been coming closer and closer to the conclusion that we have underestimated the professional educational needs for persons…

Given as part of the U.S. Japan cooperative program in natural resources, Tokyo, Japan. 11 pages. Provides the Japanese audience with a brief history of the fire service in the United States and the key players and their roles at a local, state and…
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