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1947 Truman Conference

truman_proceed1 11.jpg

Official announcements, proceedings and committee reports from the President's Fire Prevention Conference of May 1947. Also some magazine articles…

Federal fire brochures


Brochures relating to fire safety, fire research and public education

Federal Fire Council


Creation and Authority.--The Federal Fire Council was organized in April 1930 as a result of federal concern for fire control. It was formally…

Federal fire posters


Federal fire prevention, fire safety posters from the 1930s to present

Fire department histories


Histories and other commemorative literature from various fire departments from around the United States. This also serves essentially as a directory…

Fire Prevention Week Presidential Proclamations

Text of the Presidents' proclamations of Fire Prevention Week from the Coolidge Administration to present.

Fireword Newsletter


Bulletins of the National Fire Prevention and Control Administration spanning roughly the period Dec 1976 - August 1978

Fully Involved Newsletter

Fully Involved Vol. I, No. 2.pdf

Early USFA Newsletters spanning roughly the period 1979 - 1981



National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control


Materials relating to events leading up to the establishment of the National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, its meetings and hearings and…