Fire department histories


Fire department histories


Histories and other commemorative literature from various fire departments from around the United States. This also serves essentially as a directory to online fire department histories and more are being added as they become available.

Items in the Fire department histories Collection

Time was when the fire engine companies in any city were, to a large extent, important social organizations, with more or
less of influence in political affairs, and a general interest and participation in all details of the general welfare. To-day…

Introduction 5'7
Chapteb I.
Great Fires Abroad 9-14
Chapteb II.
Memorable Fires in America 15-28
Chapteb III.
St. Louis' Most Serious Fires 27-33
Chapteb IV.
Targee, An Early Hero 34-38
Chapteb V.
Great Mercantile Fires…

The Steve B. Campbell Atlanta Fire Department photograph collection contains 100 black and white photographic prints covering the period 1882-1972. This collection is comprised of photographs of fire stations and personnel of the Atlanta Fire…

The Doc Roach Collection (MSS 71) consists mostly of photographs that reflect his long career with the Boise Fire Department. Doc was one of the few firemen who worked from the days of horse-drawn fire engines, witnessed the introduction of motorized…

Texts, photos, audio and video clips and other memorabilia recording the history of the Indianapolis Fire Department from the late 19th century to present. The online collection highlights some of Indianapolis' most unforgettable tragedies, such as…

194 photos from the late 19th century thru 1970s. This collection is derived originally from the 1897 booklet, Souvenir of Houston by the Houston Fire Department. Published for the benefit of the Firemen's Relief Fund, Houston, Texas. These images…

14 pages of text and photographs detailing actions of the Honolulu Fire Department during and after the attack on Pearl Harbor and other facilities. 3.4 mb file.

From the first Charleston settlement in 1670, fire has posed an ever present threat. For this reason, fire fighting took on an important role even in its earliest forms within the city. As firefighting techniques evolved so did the buildings used to…

Homer Whittenberger interviewed by Michael Kurilla. Transcript of interview taped on August 8, 1975. Tape length 90 minutes. 10 pages.

Joseph Quinn interviewed by Michael Kurilla. Transcript of interview taped on July 8, 1975. Tape length 52 minutes. 14 pages.